Safe - Natural - Protect

Our product was designed and produced with these three philosophies in mind

100% Chemical free

Processed and made without using any Chemical agents

First Lice lotion in malaysia

The first Lice lotion in Malaysia in the form of ready to apply Lotion

Product based on herbs

Produced using natural herbs and ingredients known for its protective properties

Kills Lice, Nits and Nymph

Tested and proven effective against the three main threats to our scalps

How Does
Lice Lotion Works?

Unlike normal Anti-Lice medication, Lice Lotion does not kill using harmful ingredients. Lice Lotion suffocate these parasites by inhibiting their respiratory system from working properly. The combination of herbs would soothes and conditions the scalp as well as protect from further parasite infection.

Safe Natural Protect

The Lice Lotion is made from natural ingredients known for its healing and restorative properties. Each of these ingredient will help in their own way. Because of this, we can wear it as often as we like.


A good source for Vitamin C and powerful antioxidant. Lemon can be used to heal skin damage and reduce wrinkles caused by Sun and Pollution


Known to the Eastern culture since ancient times, ginger has been long used for medicine and cooking.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is commonly used in hair care because it closely resembles the oil produced naturally by the skin on our scalp.

Our Experts

Lice Lotion is produced with the expertise from URC Global Sdn Bhd. Product distribution handled by Distribution expert, Excellent A Sdn Bhd.

URC Global

Excellent A


"Very effective cure for lice infection"

"The lotion is Easy to use"

"You are done in about 20 to 30 minutes"

"The case is nice looking and convenient to carry around"


Lice Lotion Brand is a product of URC Global Care Sdn Bhd
in Partnership with our Main Distributor Excellent A Service Sdn Bhd

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